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Betafolio is the UK’s premier turnkey asset management provider (TAMP), offering: a low-cost, evidence-based, discretionary model portfolio service (MPS) exclusive to financial planning firms.

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We use technology to cut costs, inefficiencies and anxiety for advisers, while improving long-term investment returns for clients.

Low Cost
Evidence Based
Global Asset Allocation

Managed Portfolio Services on platforms suit a bygone era. Time to fix the broken model.

With a typical cost of 0.36%, average MPS charges are equivalent to around a third (and as much as half) of advice and planning fees. This flies in the face of reality in the digital age.

Thanks to technology, investment management is now a commodity. Personalised financial planning is where the real value for clients lies. MPS providers seem not to have acknowledged this in their charging structure and business models.

What separates Betafolio’s TAMP from traditional MPS is that we use technology and our deep collaboration with financial planners to provide a comprehensive range of services that extend beyond managing money, at a significantly lower cost.

Intelligently Designed Model Portfolios

With Betafolio, financial planning firms can access a range of services that enable them to focus on delivering core financial planning and behavioural coaching to clients, while delegating time-consuming tasks such as portfolio construction, rebalancing and due diligence to us.

Powered by technology

Betafolio Control Centre is our one-stop digital portal for everything you need to manage your centralised investment proposition. This includes investment process documents, performance data and branded portfolio factsheets.

Driven by empirical evidence

We design portfolios that capture capital market return based on decades of empirical data and research by Nobel Prize economists. We don’t chase fads, engage in market timing and other behaviours that damage return.

Puts the adviser in control

Investment management is a commodity. Financial planning is where the real value to clients lies. That’s why we create portfolios that exist only in service of the financial plan. The plan leads, the portfolio follows.


% AUM: the traditional approach to charging. Our competitive, low-cost pricing helps keep your costs low and pass on those savings to your clients.

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Betafolio Classic Range
Betafolio ESG Range
Betafolio Tracker Range
Tolerance-Based Rebalancing
Control Centre
Investment Process Document
Quarterly Client-Ready Commentary
Group Investment Committee Meeting
Firm Investment Committee Meeting
Platform Due Diligence
Bespoke Portfolio Range
Betafolio Classic Range
Betafolio ESG Range
Betafolio Tracker Range
Tolerance-Based Rebalancing
Control Centre
Investment Process Document
Client-Ready Commitee Meeting
Group Investment Committee Meeting: Annual
% 0.09 *
Betafolio Classic Range
Betafolio ESG Range
Betafolio Tracker Range
Tolerance-Based Rebalancing
Control Centre
Investment Process Document: Branded
Quarterly Client-Ready Commentary: Bespoke
Group Investment Committee Meeting: Annual
Firm Investment Committee Meeting: Annual
Platform Due-Diligence
Bespoke Portfolio Range

Compare fees between Betafolio and typical MPS discretionary managers

Select a Portfolio
Advised client assets
Number of Clients
Betafolio plan
Typical Discretionary Mgr Fee (/yr)
Years of Planning
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Summary Table Start Date of the Scenario Terminal Value of the Balance Cumulative Fees Terminal Value Savings vs Typical DFM Cumulative Fees Savings vs Typical DFM
This calculator demonstrates the impact of discretionary management fee on the client assets of adviser firms. The table above shows how the Betafolio's proposition compares with a typical discretionary investment. The calculator uses extensive monthly historical return of asset classes to reflect the true impact of cost under a wide range of market conditions. Past performance is no guarantee of future return. The value of investments and the income from them can go down as well as up. You may get back less than you invest. Transaction costs, taxes and inflation reduce investment returns.
Asset Allocation Breakdown Show

Cautious: 20% Global Short Dated Bonds, 20% Global Bonds, 20% UK Bonds, 12.48% Global Targeted Value, 18.72% Global Equities, 6% Emerging Markets and 2.80% Property.

Balanced: 13.33% Global Short Dated Bonds, 13.33% Global Bonds, 13.34% UK Bonds, 18.72% Global Targeted Value, 28.08% Global Equities, 9% Emerging Markets and 4.2% Property.

Aggressive: 6.67% Global Short Dated Bonds, 6.67% Global Bonds, 6.66% UK Bonds, 24.95% Global Targeted Value, 37.45% Global Equities, 12% Emerging Markets and 5.6% Property.

Our portfolio range

We offer the following suite of model portfolios:

Betafolio Classic

A range of globally diversified portfolios with exposure to key alternative beta factors such as the small and value premia. The portfolios range from 0% to 100% equity allocation, with an average OCF of 0.26%.

Betafolio ESG

Positioned to capture global market returns whilst placing emphasis on environmentally and socially responsible assets. The portfolios range from 0% to 100% equity allocation, with a typical OCF of 0.22%.

Betafolio Bespoke

Ideal for firms operating in-house model portfolios looking to reduce administrative inefficiencies by using Betafolio’s discretionary management. This enables firms to retain their asset allocation policy whilst benefitting from Betafolio’s technology, governance and oversight.

Betafolio Tracker

Positioned to capture market returns, this range of models tracks the global market cap weighted equity index alongside a well diversified fixed income portfolio according to risk/return requirements.

Currently managed on a discretionary basis through

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