Abraham Okusanya 14 Jan 2022

Investment Non-Outlook for 2022

This time of the year, the asset management industry dusts off its crystal ball and issues an ‘investment outlook’ for the year ahead. The only thing you need to know about these futile attempts at financial clairvoyance is that they aren’t worth the paper they are written on.

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Karthica Underwood
29 Oct 2020

Betafolio Team & Growth Update

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Nicki Hinton-Jones as Managing Director of Betafolio Limited.
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Daniel Rawlinson
27 Oct 2020

Trump 2.0?

Luckily for investors, equity markets don’t actually seem to care whether the President’s political symbol is a blue donkey or a red elephant.
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Karthica Underwood
28 Sep 2020

Betafolio Models Available Through Fusion Platform

Our partnership with Fusion allows us to reach further into the community and take away the investment burden so advisers can focus on what they do best.
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Nicki Hinton-Jones
23 Sep 2020

I know you can hear me, but how do I know you’re listening?

Last week we held a mastermind discussion with some of our most ideal clients – high quality financial planners who are focussed on supporting their clients through coaching and planning. The topic for the day was adviser charges – what are fair rates for advisers and clients, are ad valorem fees becoming outdated, are fixed fees the way forward?....Unsurprisingly there were many differences of opinion on the answers to these questions, but the one element over which there was no dispute is that, regardless of how they pay, all clients really care about is the value they receive. Perception of value is the key factor for achieving client satisfaction.
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