Robin Powell 18 May 2022

Jack Bogle, the man who revolutionised investing

Jack Bogle is widely known as a pioneer for low-cost index investing in the mid-1970s. But what exactly was his legacy? Forget the folksy grandfather figure Bogle became. A new book suggests his impact on fund management was similar to that of punk rock on the music industry. Here’s ROBIN POWELL.

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28 Apr 2021

Index funds DO care about ESG

When powerful vested interests feel threatened by inconvenient evidence they often respond in the same way. Instead of challenging it head-on with counter-evidence of their own, they seek to undermine it by spreading and perpetuating myths.
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Abraham Okusanya
22 Mar 2021

The undeniable truth about DFM costs

Discretionary Model Portfolio Services on platforms: we're coming for you!
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Robin Powell
08 Mar 2021

Spotting tomorrow's fund 'stars' of the future is all but impossible

Why do we keep asking self-proclaimed experts to tell us which funds we should invest in when, time and again, the funds they recommend turn out to be duds?
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Nicki Hinton-Jones
22 Feb 2021

7 reasons to use a TAMP

We describe ourselves as being ‘the UK’s premier turnkey asset management provider, which sounds impressive – if you know what a TAMP is. If you don’t, it could be pretty meaningless...
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