Robin Powell 21 Jun 2022

Which investors are most likely to panic in a downturn?

In recent days we’ve seen a series of stomach-churning downward lurches in global stock markets. Once again, sensible commentators are rightly urging investors to stay calm. Bailing out when markets have fallen sharply is almost invariably a bad idea. It might bring short-term emotional comfort, but you may well be paying a very high price for it in the long run. As the saying goes, ‘Act in haste, repent at leisure’.

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Abraham Okusanya
22 Mar 2021

The undeniable truth about DFM costs

Discretionary Model Portfolio Services on platforms: we're coming for you!
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Robin Powell
08 Mar 2021

Spotting tomorrow's fund 'stars' of the future is all but impossible

Why do we keep asking self-proclaimed experts to tell us which funds we should invest in when, time and again, the funds they recommend turn out to be duds?
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Nicki Hinton-Jones
22 Feb 2021

7 reasons to use a TAMP

We describe ourselves as being ‘the UK’s premier turnkey asset management provider, which sounds impressive – if you know what a TAMP is. If you don’t, it could be pretty meaningless...
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Robin Powell
11 Feb 2021

The two components every portfolio needs

When looking for evidence on how to invest, I think we can all agree that Nobel Prize-winning research is not a bad place to start. Taking in a little whisky and water along the way...
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