Robin Powell 18 May 2022

Jack Bogle, the man who revolutionised investing

Jack Bogle is widely known as a pioneer for low-cost index investing in the mid-1970s. But what exactly was his legacy? Forget the folksy grandfather figure Bogle became. A new book suggests his impact on fund management was similar to that of punk rock on the music industry. Here’s ROBIN POWELL.

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Robin Powell
03 Dec 2020

Where did the value premium go?

If you have a sizeable proportion of your retirement savings invested in value stocks, it probably hasn’t escaped your notice that they’ve been on a bad run.
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Abraham Okusanya
19 Nov 2020

Portfolio Rebalancing & Earth's Rotation Around the Sun

What has portfolio rebalancing got to do with the amount of time it takes the earth to revolve around the sun?
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Karthica Underwood
29 Oct 2020

Betafolio Team & Growth Update

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Nicki Hinton-Jones as Managing Director of Betafolio Limited.
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Daniel Rawlinson
27 Oct 2020

Trump 2.0?

Luckily for investors, equity markets don’t actually seem to care whether the President’s political symbol is a blue donkey or a red elephant.
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