Daniel Rawlinson 27 Oct 2020

Trump 2.0?

Luckily for investors, equity markets don’t actually seem to care whether the President’s political symbol is a blue donkey or a red elephant.

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Daniel Rawlinson
19 May 2020

Global and Proud

Home bias refers to the tendency for investors to cluster their holdings in domestic markets.
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Abraham Okusanya
13 May 2020

Hanging on to (Small) Value

“In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is”
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Karthica Underwood
04 May 2020

How much do you like paperwork?

Not a lot? Avoid it if you can? What about your clients…?
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Abraham Okusanya
29 Apr 2020

But what if we’re wrong?

I am on record for expressing absolute confidence in our collective ability as the human race to overcome the gravest challenges we face...
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