Robin Powell 21 Jun 2022

Which investors are most likely to panic in a downturn?

In recent days we’ve seen a series of stomach-churning downward lurches in global stock markets. Once again, sensible commentators are rightly urging investors to stay calm. Bailing out when markets have fallen sharply is almost invariably a bad idea. It might bring short-term emotional comfort, but you may well be paying a very high price for it in the long run. As the saying goes, ‘Act in haste, repent at leisure’.

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Hana Dickinson
11 May 2022

Introducing Switch Reports

Once you’ve seen a better way of working and you want to make the change - implementing the change can be daunting. Happily, so far as switching clients over to Betafolio is concerned, we’ve got you covered.
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Reva Bala
09 May 2022

Emerging Markets: Evidence for a premium?

When considering global capital markets from an investment perspective, it’s second nature to divide the world into “developed” vs “emerging”. Index providers allocate countries to either classification depending on their stage of economic development and its sustainability.
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Robin Powell
08 May 2022

Narcissism is a dangerous trait in a fund manager

As most readers of this blog will know only too well, only a tiny proportion of active fund managers succeed in beating the market on a cost- and risk-adjusted basis in the long run. Because performance is extremely inconsistent, and luck almost indistinguishable from skill, it’s exceedingly difficult to identify a genuine star performer in advance.
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08 May 2022

Keep your politics and your investments separate

So, Emmanuel Macron has won the French election, becoming the first sitting president in 20 years to be re-elected. Of course we all have our personal political views, and there was certainly a collective “dieu merci!” in the Powell household as the news from Paris came in. But to what extent should we let the way we vote, influence the way we invest?
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