Betafolio crosses £100m client assets

The old expression ‘may you live in interesting times’ sounds like an attractive proposition at first. Until you actually live through one. Then you remember the saying was originally intended as a curse. But I digress.

When we went live with Betafolio’s discretionary Model Portfolio Service (MPS) at the Science of Retirement Conference in March 2020, we expected great things for our fledgling venture.

Our hopes were dampened when the global lockdown ensued. We really feared this would strangle the business before we’d even started.

As it turned out, we needn’t have worried. Over the subsequent nine months, we onboarded adviser firms who collectively entrusted us with over £108m of their client assets.

What’s amazing about this is that we achieved it before hiring a sales team and with hardly any marketing. In particular, we paid a grand total of £0 to consultants to write nice reports about us. 😝


Today, we’re delighted to announce that Betafolio models are now live on three additional platforms: Ascentric, Aviva and Standard Life Wrap.

This takes the total number of platforms to eight. And counting.

Our mission for Betafolio is very clear: to deliver a high-tech, low-cost, evidence based MPSs to advisers and their clients. The existing MPS market is expensive, runs on archaic technology and a shakeup is long overdue. With a typical MPS costing over 0.30%, around £100bn client assets are stuck in expensive, underperforming discretionary MPSs. Betafolio’s low-cost, flat fee proposition is a real game changer in the marketplace.

A spokesperson from Aviva says: ‘‘Managed Portfolio Services run on a discretionary basis are the fastest growing investment segment by advisers using platforms today. At Aviva, we are keen to grow this exciting market segment further and are pleased to be working alongside Betafolio as one of the latest MPS managers to have models hosted on the Aviva platform.

We wish Betafolio the best for their plans in 2021 and look forward to working with the team over the coming year.’’

Standard Life says: “Our growing range of platform partners allows us to take our services to a wider range of advisers, who know we can help them deliver a low-cost solution that will benefit their business and clients.”