Robin Powell 21 Jun 2022

Which investors are most likely to panic in a downturn?

In recent days we’ve seen a series of stomach-churning downward lurches in global stock markets. Once again, sensible commentators are rightly urging investors to stay calm. Bailing out when markets have fallen sharply is almost invariably a bad idea. It might bring short-term emotional comfort, but you may well be paying a very high price for it in the long run. As the saying goes, ‘Act in haste, repent at leisure’.

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Abraham Okusanya
04 Apr 2022

Timeline raises £6m ($8m) Series A funding to revolutionise financial adviser technology

Timeline have successfully raised £6m of Series A financing to fund our rapid new business growth and enhance the market-leading financial planning technology and model portfolio service for financial advisers.
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Abraham Okusanya
03 Apr 2022

Dimensional & Betafolio take to the road with free events for financial advisers and paraplanners across the UK

We're hitting the road with our friends and investment experts, Dimensional, with our popular joint events on ‘Reimagining Financial Advice to fit an ever-changing world’.
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28 Mar 2022

Get DFM access to Dimensional’s Core & Core+ Wealth models with Betafolio

Betafolio is now offering Dimensional’s popular Core Wealth & Core+ Wealth Models on a discretionary managed basis.
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Robin Powell
21 Mar 2022

The danger of using a well-known fund manager

The fund management industry spends large sums every year on PR, marketing and advertising. The aim is to get their brand in front of people, in the hope that, when they make a decision about investing, they’ll go with the familiar. In doing so, fund companies rely on a behavioural finance quirk called the “availability heuristic”, or “front-of-mind effect”.
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