Abraham Okusanya 14 Jan 2022

Investment Non-Outlook for 2022

This time of the year, the asset management industry dusts off its crystal ball and issues an ‘investment outlook’ for the year ahead. The only thing you need to know about these futile attempts at financial clairvoyance is that they aren’t worth the paper they are written on.

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Abraham Okusanya
19 Aug 2021

Betafolio smashes through £500m AUM milestone

Betafolio now has over £500m in AUM, thanks to a wave of support from UK advisers!
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04 Aug 2021

Always check the benchmark

We all like to think of ourselves as being better than average. Let’s face it, whether it’s driving, cooking or deciding who should take the penalties when the scores are level after extra-time, most of us think we’re pretty good.
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Hana Dickinson
03 Aug 2021

Retirementals podcast with Sean Hagerty, Vanguard Europe’s Managing Director

Abraham Okusanya speaks to Sean Hagerty, Managing Director of Vanguard Europe, in the latest episode of Retirementals. Abraham throws Sean into the deep end, asking a broad range of questions, ranging from Sean’s approach to retirement to the 10th anniversary of LifeStrategy funds and their success, and much more.
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Hana Dickinson
29 Jul 2021

Risk Profiler Tool

Our Risk Profiler Tool is a constantly evolving product that couples the benefits of learning through experience with our extensive market knowledge.
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