Robin Powell 21 Jun 2022

Which investors are most likely to panic in a downturn?

In recent days we’ve seen a series of stomach-churning downward lurches in global stock markets. Once again, sensible commentators are rightly urging investors to stay calm. Bailing out when markets have fallen sharply is almost invariably a bad idea. It might bring short-term emotional comfort, but you may well be paying a very high price for it in the long run. As the saying goes, ‘Act in haste, repent at leisure’.

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Robin Powell
10 Mar 2022

What to do when markets wobble

It’s been an uncomfortable year for equity investors to say the least. Stock markets around the world have fallen, some more than others. Russian stocks have crashed, and investors in some funds have been unable to get their money out.
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15 Feb 2022

Ukraine-Russia Conflict: Don’t Let Russia Invade Your Investment Portfolio

Reports have emerged over the weekend that Russia will invade Ukraine as soon as Wednesday 16th February. These reports have, without a doubt, caused the world to go into panic mode and stirred a new sense of turbulence in the financial markets. The question on everyone’s mind is what do we stand to do to protect our financial position? The short answer… DO NOTHING! – but let’s elaborate and back that up.
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Hana Dickinson
11 Feb 2022

Relieving your compliance and regulations headaches with tech

Compliance. Such a mundane word, and yet it has so much power. The power to affect your income, your efficiency, and your capacity to provide clients with unrivalled service.
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Robin Powell
31 Jan 2022

Four key points about January's market mayhem

It won’t have escaped your notice that global financial markets have had a turbulent start to the year. Despite the best efforts of advisers to educate them in how markets work, some clients are anxious about what it means for their portfolios — especially those who are near to retirement.
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