Abraham Okusanya 26 Jan 2021

Betafolio crosses £100m client assets

The old expression ‘may you live in interesting times’ sounds like an attractive proposition at first. Until you actually live through one. Then you remember the saying was originally intended as a curse.

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James Gillespie
06 Nov 2019

Don’t say the ‘B’ word…

This B***** saga has seen more twists than Alton Towers, yet here we stand at the end of yet another line, waiting on the ongoing negotiations…
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Abraham Okusanya
25 Sep 2019

Money, Media and the Fear Instinct

Billions wiped back onto the stock market so far in 2019!
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Abraham Okusanya
08 May 2019

The less you look (or the best-managed volatility strategy in the world)

If you wish to lower the volatility of your portfolio, stop looking at it so often.
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