Abraham Okusanya 14 Jan 2022

Investment Non-Outlook for 2022

This time of the year, the asset management industry dusts off its crystal ball and issues an ‘investment outlook’ for the year ahead. The only thing you need to know about these futile attempts at financial clairvoyance is that they aren’t worth the paper they are written on.

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Hana Dickinson
11 May 2021

Evidence-based investing: What it is and why it’s awesome

We don't have a crystal ball or a Back to the Future style Sports Almanac listing the future performance of assets and funds. Yet what we do have is a clear focus on the things we can control to build an investment strategy that stands the best chance of delivering stable long-term investment returns.
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Abraham Okusanya
05 May 2021

Betafolio smashes through £250m AUM milestone

A huge thank you to all the advisers who have trusted us to look after their clients’ assets. Betafolio, the low cost, fixed-fee, high-tech turnkey model portfolio service, now has over £250m in AUM!
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28 Apr 2021

Index funds DO care about ESG

When powerful vested interests feel threatened by inconvenient evidence they often respond in the same way. Instead of challenging it head-on with counter-evidence of their own, they seek to undermine it by spreading and perpetuating myths.
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Abraham Okusanya
22 Mar 2021

The undeniable truth about DFM costs

Discretionary Model Portfolio Services on platforms: we're coming for you!
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