Abraham Okusanya 14 Jan 2022

Investment Non-Outlook for 2022

This time of the year, the asset management industry dusts off its crystal ball and issues an ‘investment outlook’ for the year ahead. The only thing you need to know about these futile attempts at financial clairvoyance is that they aren’t worth the paper they are written on.

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Robin Powell
08 Mar 2021

Spotting tomorrow's fund 'stars' of the future is all but impossible

Why do we keep asking self-proclaimed experts to tell us which funds we should invest in when, time and again, the funds they recommend turn out to be duds?
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Nicki Hinton-Jones
22 Feb 2021

7 reasons to use a TAMP

We describe ourselves as being ‘the UK’s premier turnkey asset management provider, which sounds impressive – if you know what a TAMP is. If you don’t, it could be pretty meaningless...
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Robin Powell
11 Feb 2021

The two components every portfolio needs

When looking for evidence on how to invest, I think we can all agree that Nobel Prize-winning research is not a bad place to start. Taking in a little whisky and water along the way...
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Abraham Okusanya
26 Jan 2021

Betafolio crosses £100m client assets

The old expression ‘may you live in interesting times’ sounds like an attractive proposition at first. Until you actually live through one. Then you remember the saying was originally intended as a curse.
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