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Frequently Asked Questions

Just a few of our most asked questions

What is Betafolio Control Centre?

This is our digital platform that serves as a one-stop shop for your centralised investment proposition. All the research, due-diligence, data and documents are available for you to access on this platform.

Will Betafolio’s fees affect the VAT on the adviser fee?

Betafolio’s services and fees are separate from the adviser’s. Accordingly, while the fees paid to Betafolio by the client for portfolio management is VAT deductible, the advisory fee is typically not.

Will there be a ‘hook in/out’ ability for each portfolio?

Yes. Advisers can opt a client’s portfolio in and out of the rebalancing process.

What is a TAMP and how is it different from traditional discretionary management?

With a TAMP, a financial planner can access a range of services that allow them to offload time-consuming tasks, such as research, portfolio construction, rebalancing, performance analysis and tax optimization and reporting to a third-party. This allows them to focus on delivering core financial planning and behavioural coaching to clients.

Like many ideas in financial services, turnkey asset management programme (TAMP) originates from the US in the 1980s. Some of the most well-known US-based TAMPs include BAM Alliance, Matson Money, Loring Ward and Symmetry.

The key difference is that TAMPs involve working in a more collaborative fashion with the adviser and provide a wide range of services that go beyond traditional discretionary management offerings. With TAMP, the advisers can contribute as much or as little as they want to the investment process

How do you collect fees?

The adviser firms pay a single flat fee, which includes the base retainer plus the client fee. We will collect payment monthly by Direct Debit using the GoCardless payment system. Monthly invoices will be provided for their records.

Is the fee per client/per household/per wrapper? What about child accounts with relatively small amounts i.e., Junior ISA?

Betafolio’s fees are charged per individual or household. If all the accounts are on the same platform, a single fee is charged per client or per household. Where the same client or household has accounts on multiple platforms, fees are applied per client or household on each platform.

How are portfolios rebalanced?

We work collaboratively with firms to manage portfolios on platforms, under the Betafolio’s discreationary permission. Betafolio the following rebalancing strategies, namely:


  • Risk-tolerance bands, i.e. the portfolio is rebalanced when certain thresholds are breached by any asset classes within the portfolio
  • Rules-based: this approach involves altering the asset allocation based on a pre-defined set of criteria in order to achieve specific outcomes. These criteria must be rules-based and supported by extensive empirical data. Common examples include the Rising Equity Glidepath and the Prime Harvesting Rule , specifically designed for drawdown portfolios.

Will Betafolio be available on all platforms?

The service will initially be available on Transact, Nucleus, and Wealthtime. Alternative platforms will be added in the future.

Is it ‘all or nothing’? i.e., would you offer access to the ESG portfolios for those who didn’t want the whole service?

Firms have the option to receive the full suite of services or alternatively a limited proportion via the modular service. This enables the firm to pay for only what it needs. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

How does rebalancing work in a drawdown scenario?

For tolerance-driven rebalancing, the cash account will be excluded from the rebalancing. This will leave the cash within the drawdown portfolio untouched.

Can advisers white-label this service?

Yes, this is exactly what we have in mind. Our intention is that advisers can promote their own brand, while Betafolio remains in the background, with only brief reference to the company name as required by regulation. For example, a firm may wish to refer to a model portfolio as CompanyNameX or alternatively, CompanyNameBetafolioX. Branding is as the discretion of the firm.

Can rebalancing be manually triggered by the adviser?

An adviser can manually remove a client’s portfolio from the rebalancing process. For example, if the CGT allowance has been exhausted during a given tax year and rebalancing is due, the adviser can remove the portfolio from the rebalancing process and defer this until the start of the new tax year.

Do you consider CGT issues when rebalancing/switching funds or is that the adviser’s job?

Yes. Betafolio will take account of CGT in GIA portfolios and notify the adviser before rebalancing or switching funds in case it might create a CGT liability. It’s ultimately the responsibility of the advisory firm and client to decide whether to undergo any changes, so accepting the risk of a CGT liability, or alternatively whether to opt-out of the rebalancing process.

What about custody and tax wrappers?

Custody and tax wrappers are provided by the adviser’s platforms. Betafolio’s service is only be available via advisory platforms. We have no intention to hold clients’ assets or provide any form of custody services.

What about cash? Is it held with a separate wrapper, or is it built into the portfolio?

All portfolios will have a 2% allocation to cash. Drawdown portfolios can have a higher allocation to cash, but the cash account should be excluded from the rebalancing process.

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